6 Nourish Bowl Recipes to Try This Year

I love nourish bowls! All of the different flavors and components keep me interested throuought the meal and I forget that it’s so healthy! Every couple of weeks I’ll buy a super tasty one from some restaurant and think to myself “ This is so good and simple- I bet I could make this at home.” I’m always wrong, but I’m determined to master the nourish bowl in 2019! Here are 6 nourish bowl recipes to inspire you!

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What we can learn from Martha Stewart- How to Create a Successful Personal Brand

For those who don’t know I am so inspired by Martha Stewart (probably more of her brand than actually the person). I just am amazed with how she created her own brand during a time without social media and also started out working on Wall Street! I still love her magazine with all of the practical tips for cooking, gardening, and cleaning. I like that her brand isn’t too healthy and more so focuses on being happy with your hobbies and hand-made goods. I conducted a deep-dive for how she was so successful and became even more amazed by her business. This is what we can learn form her to create your own personal brand

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New Year- Nicer Me: Loving yourself instead of dieting in the new year

The new year is the worst time of the year for diet culture. Something about a fresh start inspires people to start bashing their bodies and restricting what they eat. Dieting may not always be healthy, and may actually contribute to decreased mental health. If you want to start a diet in the new year ask yourself, “Why do I want to start a diet? Do I want to be healthier or do I just want to lose weight?”

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