The 7 Best Podcasts of 2018

I love podcasts! I actually don’t listen to that much music and when people ask me what music I like I just tell them “podcasts.” Podcasts are such an easy (and free!) way to get information about basically anything! I enjoy keeping up to date on nutrition info and politics while I drive to work or make dinner. I also like how many of my favorite media brands have podcasts so that I can connect with them through a different outlet. For me, a great podcast has to have 1) good content 2) great hosts. The hosts have to be funny and interesting and relateable. If the hosts are boring then I really don’t care about what they’re saying. The content also has to be some what interesting and relevant to my life. You’ll find that my taste in podcasts is pretty diverse, so hopefully you’ll find at least one to add to your life. Here are my favorite podcasts of 2018!



1. Who Weekly

This is -hands down- my favorite podcast ever ever. I wish I was friends with the hosts (Lindsey and Bobbie) in real life because they crack me up when I listen to them! They talk all about B-List celebrities or “Who’s” and explain why and what they do. It sounds super boring, but they just talk about all the crazy stuff these celebrities do for attention and they do deep dives into their social media to get the scoop on what they’ve been up to. I also feel like they help me stay hip becuase they talk a lot about up and coming people so I know the details on these celebs before anyone else.  



2. The Daily

This podcast is a 180 from Who Weekly. The Daily is a production of the New York Times and creates in-depth content about political issues going on. So instead of giving a brief blip on everything going on- they’ll interview someone who knows a lot about a particiaular relevant issue or event. This morning they interviewed a journalist who’s reporting on the government shut down. They explain these events in easy-to-understand terms that helps me stay in-the-know about current events without spacing out.  



3. Bon Appetite

This podcast is all about food! Not nutrition- just food. This is a production of the Bon Appetite Magazine. The hosts talk about everything from popular restaurants to how to host an epic thanksgiving to an entire episode on how to steam all your food. The hosts are funny together and I always learn a lot about pop culture in food. 





4. Mad About Movies

This podcast is a new addition to my podcast circuit, but I really like it! These 3 guys commentate on every movie that is released. I went through a phase where I watched a ton of movies so I would listen to them after every movie that I watched. They talk about their opinions and give juicy gossip about the film that make me either love or dislike the film even more. They talked about all the drama with the directors and actors for Bohemian rapsody that I didn’t realize went on. They just became contributors to rotten tomatoes so I would say they give an expert opinion to all the recent films! 



5. Nourishing Women Podcast

This is my favorite nutrition/ dietitian podcast. The 2 hosts in this show took a little bit of getting used to because they can sound a little ditzy, but they are super knowledgeable about nutrition and I really value their opinions. They are both eating-disorder dietitians so they practice an intuitive eating approach to nutrition. They are the reason that I am such a huge supporter of intuitive eating and HAES! They make sure to thrououghly research every topic they talk about, so you can trust the information they offer is true. I find their approach to nutrition so refreshing and you should check them out!



6. Origins

So this podcast is only valuable to me for the episodes about “Sex and The City.” But these episodes are soooo good. I binge- listened to them in 1 day while cleaning my apt. There are like 4 or 5 episodes about how the show came to be and all of the effects the show had on the television industry. I didn’t realize this show was so influential in pop culture and that these women were so different from their characters (all the characters from the show are interviewed throughout the podcast).  



7. Planet Money

So in all honesty the only time I listen to this show is when I’m on a road trip (which is about once a month to see family). But I listen to all the episodes for like 3 hours straight because it’s so good! The hosts talk about funny stories and phenomenon that happen in the world of economics. I never realized there were so many crazy things that go on! One story I’ll never forget is how one farmer wanted to have control over the price of potatoes so he bought every single potato in the US. For real! After this they made it illegal for farmers to do this. If you’re looking to understand a little more about economics but not be bored to death this podcast is for you!!

Do you have any favorite podcasts that I should listen to in 2019? Leave a comment about it below!!