The 5 Best Restaurants on Capital Boulevard- Raleigh food guide

If you live in Raleigh you may try to avoid Capital Blvd. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly dangerous, but many people just think it’s kind of gross and not a lot of good things going on in that direction. I do admit it’s filled with Chuck E Cheese, Golden Corral, and all those other cheesy chains that some how still exist. But if you look beyond all of that, there are some incomparable ethnic restaurants. Allow me to be your guide, and if you consider yourself a “foodie” you must venture out past downtown and try some of these places. 

1. Pho Far East

THIS IS THE BEST PHO IN RALEIGH. I REPEAT. THIS IS THE BEST PHO IN RALEIGH. I have tried many different places in the area and this is place wins the prize. Don’t get distracted by the barely working neon sign or the weird decorations this place has. Just focus on the pho! The Vietnamese iced coffee is super good here too! 

2. Panaderia la Espiga

Located right next door to Pho Far East is Panaderia la Espiga- the source for all of your Mexican bakery needs. I love the flan and the tres leches! I have even been there twice to buy full tres leches cakes for events and they’re so cheap! Like $20 with personalized writing!! You have to stop by here after your meal at Pho Far East for the full multicultural experience.  


3. Soo Cafe

Soo Cafe is your ultimate source for KFC- korean fried chicken that is. Running along the theme, this restaurant is also tucked away in a strip mall- right beside the post office and the Carolina Thrift. Don’t let that fool you though! These have so may different flavors and also have the classic bibimbap bowl. If you’re craving authentic Korean food you have to stop by here.  


4. El Pollo Rico

Next stop: El Salvador! They specialize in “pupusas” which are basically cheese/ bean/ meat filled thick enclosed tortillas topped with slaw. Aren’t I so good at describing food?? But seriously if you’re looking to be a little more adventurous and authentic with your Latino food palate, you should definitely check this place out!



5. Filipino Express Restaurant/ Oriental Store & Gifts

Did you know that Filipinos are one of the largest group of immigrants to the US but have the least representation from restaurants?? Well Raleigh lucked out because we have one lonely restaurant for all of our Filipino needs from street noodles to the decadent halo halo! This restaurant is located in the back of the grocery store so make sure to pick up your all Asian goodies (hello mochi!) while you’re there!

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