The 2 Restaurants Raleigh Needs to be Complete


Okay so I would have to say that Raleigh really does fufill all my needs as a self-proclaimed foodie. I can get Ramen, gelato in the shape of a flower, and a poke bowl all within a 5 mile radius. However there are 2 restaurants Raleigh really needs to have- shaved snow and hot pot. 

 Shaved Snow

I first tried shaved snow when I was in NYC and it was like nothing I had ever eaten before. Think of shaved ice.. but ice cream. Kinda. Becuase the ice cream doesn’t stick together in clumps like shaved ice sometimes can. But anyway the next time I had it I sought it out in San Fransisco... and then again in San Fran 6 months later. And recently Bon Appetite wrote a story about different shaved snow shops in the US, so I would say it’s having a moment, so can we get on board, Raleigh?? Shaved snow looks so easy to make too! It looks like they just freeze these blocks of ice cream (must be super cold though) and then they use a machine that “shaves” it. It kind of just looks like a larger version of the machine they use to make shaved ice. I wanted this so badly I even considered just opening up my own shop, but I would just end up eating everything. 

 Click here for the Bon Appetite Article


 Hot Pot

Now I know we have a couple of these in the RDU/ Cary area, but we really need one in Raleigh. And I think it would do so well! For some reason we love restaurants where we get to make our own food. So if you don’t know what Hot Pot is (from what I understand) it’s a pan- Asian meal in which you have a boiling pot of broth on the table and you choose different components that you add to the broth yourself. These would be thin slices of meat, mushroom, greens, etc and you would let them boil for about 10 minutes and then serve yourself the soup that you made. I think this would thrive in Raleigh as the new trend, healthy Asian place so I’m calling all you Raleigh chef out to make this happen please!