How to be Healthy as a Millennial

1. Do what’s right for you, not what’s right for the instagram model

       I don’t need to explain to you that we are in a time where we are bombarded with how perfect everyone else looks in a bikini and are overwhelmed with how we will never look like that. Everyone is comparing themselves to everything they see on social media. But one thing to remember is that not everyone’s body looks the same. And no matter how hard you try, your genetics are different than everyone else which means you’ll look different from everyone else. You’ll build muscle and store fat differently. Don’t be motivated to be healthy to look like the instagram model with 1.5 million likes. Do it to feel good and be proud. Do it to be the best version of you.



2. No money

         Millennials are suffering from crippling student loan debt before they’ve even started working! So money will always be a problem. You’re probably going to have to budget to be a healthy (gym membership, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc). You can definitely do it cheaply, but it’s a challenge and may not be as fun. Budget in your health so that you don’t forget about it. Should you spend money on that drink? Or could you cut back and get a gym membership? Or spend extra on fun fresh fruits and vegetables?

3. Allocate time

          Millennials are hustling to make ends meet and also to reach their goals! Make sure to also schedule in your healthy time. Whether is meal prep, grocery store, or working out- figure out when you’ll have time in your week to do it and don’t let anyone mess with it. Act like it’s an appointment and don’t miss it! If your friends want to hang out, you don’t have to exclude them. Bring them along! Make time for yourself and don’t let anyone take that from you.

4. Don’t part take in self-destructive habits with your friends.

          I don’t know if this just applies to millennials or all young adults of all generations, but meeting for Taco Tuesday every week or getting trashed every Saturday night isn’t the best habit to make. There are health benefits to being social, for sure! (Click here to read my blog post about it) But encourage your friends to spend more time doing healthy activities instead. Tell them instead of going out, meet me for yoga in the morning! Or let’s go on a hike this afternoon! Or let’s do a healthy potluck! People want to be healthier and sometimes it just takes one person to speak up and they’ll join with you, and be happy about it!


5. Please ask for the research

          Millennials are a generation that want to be healthier, but are a little too easily swayed by the health trends. Health is easy: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fresh meat. Don’t follow an expensive health trend without understanding the research behind it and if it actually works. Trends will come and go, but the general health message stays the same. It’s okay to get excited about juices and new seeds, but don’t neglect the basic message of nutrition in the process. You can’t fix an unhealthy diet with celery juice alone.

6. Look for healthy recipes from other cultures

          Millennials are willing to try new things! We love experiencing food from different cultures, so adapt their healthy recipes into your everyday life! Indian cuisine uses fun spices. Asian cuisine is the fermented champion. Greek food is all about those healthy fats. If you get bored with something get inspired from other cultures! Go to ethnic grocery stores and look at their produce selection! You I don’t have to just eat chicken and broccoli for every meal.


7. Make healthy choices when eating out

         Millennials are all about convenience. Time is money, right? If this translates to eating out more, then just make sure you’re still sticking to the nutrition basics. My rule for eating out is to find the option with as many vegetables as possible with some protein. Salad with chicken. Fish with a side of vegetables. Eating out can be a great way to make being healthy choices more convenient, as long as you don’t load up on the burger and fries.

8. Pick healthy snacks

         Millennials are snacking more than other generations. We are always on the go! However, don’t be fooled by marketers that want you to think their high-calories snacks are the healthy options. Just stick to fruits and vegetables. Stay away from protein and snack bars because they can be high in calories. Fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and high in micronutrients are best.

9. Losing trade jobs

         Millennials are working more than ever! We are creators, marketers, analysts, communicators, and this is awesome! However, losing trade jobs means more of us are sitting for more hours. Find a way to be active if you have a desk job. Make it to the gym or make sure to walk around your office once an hour. It’s better for your muscles and your heart. 

10. You’re going to have to just do it

        Who knows what health insurance and social security is going to look like when we’re ready to retire. We’re living longer than previous generations, and may not be financially ready to live to 100! You may not be on a slew of medications now, but if you don’t take preventative measures now you could be spending all of your savings on healthcare costs. Take care of yourself now so you decrease your chances for that later on. Who knows what the future holds for our healthcare costs.