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6 Nourish Bowl Recipes to Try This Year

I love nourish bowls! All of the different flavors and components keep me interested throuought the meal and I forget that it’s so healthy! Every couple of weeks I’ll buy a super tasty one from some restaurant and think to myself “ This is so good and simple- I bet I could make this at home.” I’m always wrong, but I’m determined to master the nourish bowl in 2019! Here are 6 nourish bowl recipes to inspire you!

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My Favorite Places to eat in RDU! (Raleigh- Durham area)

I have lived in Raleigh for almost 7 years now, so you can bet that I have eaten out a lot- For every friend’s birthday or celebration, every awkward first date, every early morning study session at a coffee shop. Raleigh is definitely a great place to live if you’re a “foodie” with many restaurants in the area constantly appearing in national magazines. After 7 years, here are my favorite places to eat

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What to know about Mexico City Food

1. The street food is okay! ... kinda. Mexican street food is the heart of Mexican food and definitely should be tried. However, try to find places that already have lines meaning that they have a good reputation of not getting people sick. Don't just go up to any street vendor and try it. Do your research! We found this place on Bon Appetite's "Best places to eat in Mexico City." It is a tostadas vendor at a market in Coyoacan. This was proabaly one of my favorite places and they also have awesome juice! Try the alfalfa!!

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