6 Nourish Bowl Recipes to Try This Year

I love nourish bowls! All of the different flavors and components keep me interested thoughout the meal and I forget that it’s so healthy! Every couple of weeks I’ll buy a super tasty one from some restaurant and think to myself “This is so good and simple- I bet I could easily make this at home.” I’m always wrong. Mine are always so bland or something about the combination of the foods I use just don’t taste well together. But 2019 is my year! I will master the nourish bowl. Here are my top 6 nourish bowl recipes that I want to try this year: 

1. Winter Bliss Bowl

2. Marinated Kale and Chicken Bowl with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

3. Summer Bliss Bowl

4. Falafel Beet Bowl

5. Turmeric Sweet Potato Bowl


6. Soba Noodle Bowl

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