Research Methods

This is the survey my group developed for a project at Meredith College. We wanted to see how much the undergraduate students knew about basic nutrition. 

Food and Culture

This was one of my favorite graduate classes! Knowing the food practices of different cultures will be very helpful when I become an RD. For this project I had to map out when I tried foods from different cultures. I didn't realize I have already tried so many different foods!


Principles of Nutrition Counseling and Education

This class was different in graduate school because it was more nutrition-specific. We learned about successful nutrition interventions through group education that were very interesting. For this project we had to make an infographic of a popular topic. I chose fad diets because of so many people that start unhealthy diets and damage their bodies when they think they're becoming healthier. 


Nutritional Metabolism and Biochemistry

For this project I had to research what stranded Antarctic explorers ate and how it affected their metabolic pathways. I liked how this project made me think realistically about the pathways and what happens when the human body can't receive the nutrients it needs. 

Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutraceuticals

This class is so necessary and I feel like every nutrition student should have to take it! I'm not a huge supporter of supplements, but I do now understand how difficult it is to eat all the reccommended vitamins and minerals. This is a handout I had to make for the class examining a functional food of my choice.