Registered Dietitian

I want to become a registered dietitian because I want to share nutrition information in an ethical way. I respect how regimented the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics makes the education process for dietitians in order to keep the profession accurate and valid. I want to make sure that I can help people improve their diets, but with evidenced-based information in order to keep people safe. 

Food Service Management

After I finish my dietetic internship and pass the RD exam, I want to pursue a career in food service management. I have always enjoyed my jobs in food service because of the rush and the challenges of every shift. I know that I need a job that is fast-paced and where there is a different project every day. Other food service managers that I have talked to describe their jobs as this. I feel that my leadership experience has helped me prepare to manage people. I want to make people want healthy food by showing them that it can taste and look delicious. I want to achieve this by becoming a food service manager. 

College dining

Ultimately I want a career as a food service manager in college dining. I feel like there is a need to guide college students through healthy eating and this can be achieved through the dining hall. Many students eat all of their food in the dining hall for at least their first year, so using the dining hall as a nutrition intervention could be impactful. I would like to showcase the healthy choices of the day and teach the students how to make healthy choices for themselves. College definitely challenged my nutrition habits even though I was pursuing a nutrition degree. I can't imagine how difficult it could be for those who are not.