Perspectives in Nutrition

This was my project for my food policy class. I had to pick a topic of my choice and present. I worked in a restaurant at the time so I thought this was interesting. Too bad this law kept getting pushed back!

Principles of Education

This is my cooking demonstration! My topic for the class was geriatric nutrition, so I chose a recipe that would work within my curriculum. I learned how to write a formal script for a cooking demo. Whenever I do cooking demos now I still use this type of format.


Medical Nutrition Therapy

This is a video of my first counseling session. I was proud of my reflective listening skills. I never realized that most of counseling is listening with only a little bit of information sharing. 

Food Service Management

This is my interview with the director of the Farm to School program for North Carolina, Heather Barnes. I think it is awesome that NC schools want to have local produce in their schools and are able to teach kids more about agriculture in the process!