Working at Duke Raleigh hospital has solidified my desire to work in nutrition. After working here for one and a half years, I have met so many people who suffer from diseases that could have been fixed with a better diet. There many that I have seen come in to have an amputation because of ill-managed diabetes or patients as young as 35 lose the ability to speak because of a stroke. Working here makes me want to intervene earlier in people's lives to prevent future hospitalizations. 

The only time I have ever cried at the hospital is when one patient had saved all of his meal receipts to take home. He told me that he came in because of a heart attack and was going to eat healthier so it doesn’t happen again. He was going to take the receipts home to use as a guide for his meals. I couldn’t believe that I could have such a big impact in his life just by delivering his meals with his receipts.